I and II level of accredited professional studies at Academy of professional studies South Serbia are realized in Serbian language.

Team for international cooperation will organize all activities and offer help related to language preparation of students, teaching and non-teaching staff. Language Coordinator will, when needed, organize a preparatory (basic) language course for incoming students, teaching and non-teaching staff and will be available for any kind of support and assistance in the duration of their mobility. The aim of basic language course is for incoming students to be independent in communicating in Serbia and attend lectures and practice classes organized in Serbian.

Each student participating in an outgoing mobility must meet several requirements including those related to language and communication skills. Serbian students start learning English language in elementary schools and English language is one of the courses that students attend at the first level of studies at APSSS. A certain number of students at the first level of studies at APSSS learn both French and English language. Language Coordinator in Team of international cooperation at APSSS will conduct foreign language placement tests in the process of selecting mobility students. Students selected for outgoing mobility can attend free, additional foreign language training and a type of cultural preparation depending on the country to which students are going within their mobility program which the Coordinator organizes (when needed).